Yesterday I found myself simply ‘moving mud’. It was great. So many families have lost so much in the last week and yesterday was so rewarding to be part of something amazing and powerful. After making the decision to join in with the big clean, buying the footwear and clothing etc etc, I wondered where to go?
After arriving in Australia 18 months ago, with no idea about the area, I was suddenly thrust into soccer coaching action in Chelmer where I coached 3 or 4 children. Since then the rest is history, with over 50 children per week taking part in Ginger Sport activities in the area. This made my decision easy.  I headed to Chelmer. Really though, I would have been happy to pitch in anywhere, but I simply thought this was a great opportunity to give something back to a community that has helped me and Ginger Sport so much in the last year.
What did I see? Mud, mud and more mud. The spirit of the place was something I will remember forever. I ended up in a street called Campsey Street, and although not an Aussie I felt like one yesterday as I helped one small street get back on its feet. There were young men pushing wheel barrows with great force, people sweeping mud and water continuously and the sound of shovels constantly. All duties that would be expected after such disastrous events, but the way the Brisbane people embraced the challenge was incredible. People just kept going, kept sweeping, kept shovelling, and the street was looking so much better than when I arrived. Team work, humour and ‘hard yacker’ were visible in abundance, and it was something that I feel very proud and privileged to be a part of.
I arrived home physically and emotionally drained. Yes I can coach little kids for 3-4 hours straight, but the physical demands of what was required yesterday took a different toll on the body. Emotionally, I felt the same as when I had completed marathons in the past. Such an overwhelming feeling of achievement, and I want more of that feeling…
Why am I writing this? I have now realised, due to the increased profile of Ginger Sport in the local community and in particular the areas affected, that I am in a position to share my thoughts and feelings and also let the families of the little ones who we coach know that we care so much about what has happened, and please let me know how we can help you further.
Well done Brisbane, the best place in the world to be. Right now.

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