iPhone and iPad Apps – Special Educational Needs

Special Education Apps

Are the days of visual schedules and choice boards made with Velcro and cardboard behind us? I’ll miss them if they are, though admittedly they can be labour intensive and not particularly robust!

Children these days adapt to technology very quickly and find it highly motivating. Parents and Teachers can take advantage of this. New special education apps for iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad seem to be released every week – Teachers and Therapists blogs are buzzing with ideas and possibilities.

I am the first to admit I haven’t had much experience with these new technologies but I think they are incredibly exciting for parents and educators of children with special needs. I would love to hear about the apps you have found helpful! Contact us via our website www.chilledkids.com or join us on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/Chilled-Kids/130476717027664.

The following websites list apps especially designed for special educators and parents of children with special needs. I reserve the right to remain indignant of the fact so many things seem to be inanely prefixed with an ‘i’ (!), but clearly these options offer greater flexibility, portability and are less intrusive.

  1. An Australian site that lists apps under the categories of communication, organization, reading, writing, maths, music, song, art and photo, games and assistive technology. Link provided.


  1. An Australian site listing apps that focus on AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication). It includes prices and a comprehensive comparison of features. This list has been compiled by a Speech Pathologist and is highly recommended. Link to Australian iTunes store provided.


  1. This site was developed by the Victorian State Government. It lists apps under the headings of communication and assistive technology, organizational, reading, writing, maths, art and technology, music and song and reference. Link provided.

A helpful feature is that the apps are also categorised into four groups:

• HI – Students with a Hearing Impairment

• ASD – Students with Autistic Spectrum Disorder

• LS – Students with Low Support Needs

• HS – Students with High Support Needs

  1. This site allows you to see video demonstrations of how some of the popular apps work including icommunicate and ireward:


Jiselle Simpson is Director of Chilled Kids, an educational support service specialising in creating programs for children with additional learning or behavioural needs.  For more information on how Chilled Kids can help your child visit our website at www.chilledkids.com, phone 0408 716 350 or email jiselle@chilledkids.com

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