Multi-Sports Program FAQ

Frequently asked questions about the Multi-Sports Program.
Q What sports are played?
A Basketball, Footy, Tennis and Soccer.
Q How long is a session and how is the program structured?
A Each session is 30 minutes and 2 sports are covered in every session.
Q If my child misses a session do I have to pay?
A No. Payments are only applied to the dates your child attends our session.
Q How do I pay?
A You must register first, an invoice will then be e-mailed. A list of payment options will appear on the bottom left hand side of the invoice.
Q How often do I pay?
A An invoice will be forwarded every 4 weeks for $36 (4 sessions). If your child has missed a session a credit will be applied to your account
Q What are the payment options?
A Bank transfer / Pay Pal / Cheque / Money Order. Please use your invoice number as the reference.
Q How much does it cost?
A $9 per session
Q Do I need to re-register each year?
A Yes. Registrations do not carry forward from year to year.
Q How do I cancel my childs registration? 
A Send us an email to or call our office on 3890 3338.
Q How long am I signing up for?
A Our childcare program goes continually from late January to mid-December excluding public holidays, however you may cancel at any time by contacting us.
Q Do sessions go ahead on public holidays?
A No. You will not be charged for public holidays

Ginger Sport Fun Soccer

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Ginger Sport Activities

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