Activities to Build a Child's Confidence for Sport


  • A self-confident child has the potential to go far.
  • Parents have the opportunity and obligation to foster self-confidence in their children.

Even before your child begins playing sports and scoring goals for his or her soccer team, it is important to foster self-confidence. A confident child is going to be able to go far in any activity that he or she chooses, including sports. Parents and primary caregivers are the ones who are responsible for building that confidence in their children from an early age. The following activities and actions will be able to help you make your child into a more confident person who is ready to play sports and tackle the world.
Play with Your Children
Kids learn a lot from play, and parents can learn quite a bit about their children by watching them play and participating in the games and activities. By playing with your child, it improves the way that the child feels about his or her own worth. Knowing that mum and dad want to know more about the games and toys, and want to spend time with the child, is something that your kids will notice. They will realize that they are worth your time, and that will make them feel much better about themselves when they have to deal with other people, both adults and children.
Give the Child Responsibilities
While many kids might not like the idea of chores, it shows them that you have the confidence in them that they will be able to do a good job at something. These chores can be simple things to do around the house. Perhaps vacuuming or dusting. Even smaller children can learn to put their toys away. Tell them what a great job they have done and this will give them the confidence to do more.
Praise is Important
Whenever your child does something well, make sure you let him or her know how proud you are. Not only will this boost confidence levels in the children, but it will encourage good behaviour. You will see improvements at home and on the soccer field. 
Activity for Confidence Building

  • Play the compliment game
  • Give your child a compliment on something that he or she has done
  • The child will give you a compliment in return
  • Go back and forth with more praise

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