Developing a Young Child's Understanding of Working in a Team


  • Teamwork is a crucial aspect of growth and understanding in children.
  • Teaching teamwork will rely on practical exercises that illustrate the benefits. 

Even though many children with and without siblings enjoy playing together, it does not mean that they understand how to work as part of a team. This skill takes time to learn, and you cannot teach it verbally. As parent or a coach, you need to show the children not only how to work as a team but the benefits that come from doing so.
Create a Common Goal
Coaches will already have a built in goal for their team. They want to win games, and the only way that they will be able to do that is to have a team that works together as a unit. Parents can also create some common goals for their children and show them how much simpler it is to complete a task and reach that goal when they work in concert with others.
Parents and Teamwork at Home
For parents, a common goal could be getting the back yard ready for a barbecue. To reach this end goal, each member of the family has to work together. While someone mows the lawn, another person will follow behind and rake the clippings into a pile. They will then remove the yard waste from the lawn together. Helping to prepare the food can be another part of reaching this goal. Teach your children that the more they work together, the faster they will be able to complete their tasks and get to the fun! This is a practical exercise, and it illustrates the point of teamwork perfectly.
Coaches and Teamwork Building with Drills
Coaches have exercises that they can use when they are trying to create a team that works well together. The exercises can help the defence and offense, and exercises can create a level of trust in the team members. The trust helps to solidify the unit and you will find that they are able to adapt to the teamwork needed to succeed and reach those goals.
Activity to Develop Teamwork on the Field

  • Passing is crucial, and passing drills should be a part of most every practise.
  • Have just two players rush down the field as quickly as possible while passing the ball back and forth.
  • Add more players.
  • Now add more defenders than passers.

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