Planting Seeds of Exercise in a Young Mind


  • Kids love to have a good time and when you show them exercise can be fun they are more likely to do it.
  • Parents need to show they are examples for their children, and they should have their own exercise routine.

Most children love to be physically active, although one would not know that from the record obesity levels for children around the world. Many kids enjoy getting out and playing when they are very young, but television and videogames have herded the kids into their rooms. While some television and games are fine, too much can cause your child to gain weight and become sedentary. It is very important for parents to take the time to show their children just how important it is to get out and get some exercise each day.

Show Kids the Benefits of Exercise

Let your kids know just how important exercise is. Show them that it can make them stronger and faster and that they will be able to do better in the sports they love. If they already play soccer, you can let them know that a little more exercise through the week will help them fly down the field through the defenders.

Lead By Example

Children watch what their parents do. If you are not engaging in any exercise of your own, your kids will wonder why they should be doing it. You want show your children a healthy lifestyle example that they will follow now and when they get older. Getting out and playing games and running around with your children will show them how much fun it can be to get exercise.

Give Kids Choices

Kids might not always want to take part in the same type of exercise. They might not want to ride their bike and they might not feel like playing on the playground. Offer some other opportunities, such as letting him or her join a soccer team. They will be getting plenty of exercise and they will have the ability to interact with other kids their age.
No matter the type of exercise your child likes, you should encourage it. When they find something that they like to do, even when it is exercise, they are more likely to stick with it.

Activity to Promote Exercise in Youngsters

  • Find a hiking trail, walking path or park in your area.
  • Take your child to the trail and go walking, keeping the pace brisk but slow enough that the child can keep up.
  • Talk with your child on the hike and point out some of the flora and fauna.
  • Speak with other parents about organizing regular outings to promote a healthy lifestyle.

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