Play Based Learning


  • Children absorb knowledge easily.
  • Different types of play-based learning exist and all have their benefit.
  • Children who play often learn important lessons.

Children are like sponges, soaking up knowledge at every turn. It is very easy for a child to learn new things, partially because he or she has such a thirst for knowledge at a young age. The world is new to them, and they want to know as much as possible. For parents, this is a perfect opportunity to impart more knowledge and lessons to your children. Of course, children learn best through play based activities.

Why Do Play Based Activities Work?

When children play, they are able to learn many things. Because they are playing, they do not even always see the lessons they are learning. They are imparted nonetheless. They will learn about trial and error, cause and effect, and the benefits of practising. Of course, they will not realize this is what they are learning at the time. They will simply be having fun, just as all children should. Yet, you will be able to see their growth as they move on to different games and play based activities and apply the rules they learned from earlier play.

Different Types of Play Based Activities

Games and activities run the gamut, and parents should seek to explore all of them. Hands-on activities that help to show children how different parts of the world work, are a form of functional play. They will use their senses to learn more about the world around them. Constructive type play involves creation. It could be the creation of a tower with building blocks or even a drawing. The goal of this type of play is to have a finished product made by the child.
Another form of play is pretend, where the child uses his or her imagination to create worlds and situations with their dolls, action figures and other toys. Toys are not necessary for this type of play, since it is common for children to play pretend with only their mind. This can help them with the verbal and social skills.
Games with rules are another type of play in which children engage. The structures of these games show children that they have to follow certain rules if they are going to play. Board games are common, but getting outside and playing a game like soccer can be a healthier alternative. Many children are going to prefer being outside and playing on the soccer field, so it is something to encourage.
With all of the aforementioned types of play, it is important that parents participate and help their children learn.

Soccer Activity for Children and Parents

  • The parent acts as the goal keeper.
  • The child tries to kick the soccer ball past the parent.
  • Make sure the child knows the rules – no touching the ball with hands.

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