Why Should You Introduce Your Child to Exercise at a Young Age?


  • Exercising at an early age leads to benefits that last through life.
  • Parents are crucial as role models for a healthy lifestyle.

Being healthy and active is something that parents need to teach their children at an early age. If you do not introduce the benefits of proper diet and plenty of exercise when they are young, you will run the risk of having a sedentary child who prefers hours in front of the television when they get older. This can cause some serious health problems when they reach adulthood. Exercise introduced in a fun way is an effective way of ensuring that your children enjoy vigorous, healthy activities.
A large percentage of children are already obese. It is important to reverse this trend. By teaching children to stay fit and active, it is possible to reverse these obesity rates in the coming generation.
Sedentary Children Have Health and Social Problems
A child who does nothing more than sit inside and play videogames or watch television is going to develop problems. The inactive lifestyle is the cause of weight gain, which can lead to health issues later in life. Something else that parents need to consider is the social aspect of staying inside and not exercising. Even children who have siblings in the home are going to have trouble interacting with others their own age if the extent of their social activities involves playing online games and watching cartoons. It is important to get your children up and off the couch and out into the great wide world.
Fit Children Do Better
Children who exercise regularly are going to have more energy. They will be able to concentrate better, and this can lead to better grades in school. It is also important that you instil the need for proper nutrition in your children. These lessons will last them their entire lives.
Parents are Role Models 
If you are someone who prefers indoor pursuits and you do not exercise, your children are going to follow suit. They often mimic the behaviours and actions of parents, and a parent who does not exercise is likely to have a child who does not exercise. When you introduce your children to different activities, make sure that you start your own exercise routine. Your children will notice how important it is.
Activity to Get Children Moving

  • Head out to the yard with your children to play soccer tag.
  • Designate one person as IT. This person doesn’t have a soccer ball.
  • This person needs to “tag” the other players by getting their soccer ball away, so they will be IT and have to tag back.


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