Playing it safe on the field

Soccer Ball On Stadium FieldKids’ soccer should primarily be all about keeping it fun and easy. Parents, coaches, and even players need to keep in mind the importance of safety so that a good time can be had by all.
Here are the things that you should consider when thinking about soccer safety.
Clothing: Wearing the right attire is extremely important for safety. Make sure that your little ones are clothed properly for play.

– Remove jewellery

– Properly fitting shoes

– Shin guards tucked in and secured

– Shirt tucked in

Weather: Of all of the safety considerations, weather is perhaps the most important to keep in mind because it is the most likely to cause serious injuries and illnesses on the field. Heat is the dominant factor when it comes to thinking about the weather, because many children and adults are hospitalised each year due to heat stroke and heat exhaustion. Here are a few things to consider:

– HYDRATION (which is important in the days leading up to play, not just during the event.

– Shade

– Healthy foods with low sodium and fat during play

– Frequent breaks

Field and Goals: The condition of the field and the goals are important factors in keeping kids safe. When you’re getting your kids ready for soccer, be aware of the condition of the place that your kids are going to play, and prepare them to be safe and avoid injury.

– Muddy fields – these can lead to falls

– Bumpy field/holes

Keeping kids safe on the field isn’t hard, and it won’t be if you’re prepared. And remember, most injuries are avoidable! Stay alert, remember these safety tips, and enjoy!

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