Three misconceptions about Ginger Sport

KickingjojoGinger. It’s a plant. It’s a hair colour. It’s a nickname for people with red hair. When you pair it with bread, it’s a delicious sweet bikkie treat. It can even mean animated or spirited. As a woman’s name, it conjures up images of Gilligan’s Island.
Ginger can mean a lot of things, and so when people see a company called Ginger Sport, it’s easy for them to have misconceptions about who we are and what we do.
Here are three common misconceptions about Ginger Sport:

  1. Ginger support – offering support for people with ginger hair. No, we are not a support company!
  2. Redheads only – Ginger Sport doesn’t discriminate based on hair color. We welcome children and coaches no matter what their locks look like.
  3. Cooking contest – we’re also not a cooking contest. You won’t find people baking their best ginger snaps here.

So what IS Ginger Sport? Ginger Sport is an organisation committed to forwarding the sport of soccer for children aged 2-10. We offer coaching and inspiration for families who love the great game, instilling the positive values of sportsmanship, hard work, and fun.

Ginger Sport Fun Soccer

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Ginger Sport Activities

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