Trading card ID tags

With spring sports on the horizon, now is the perfect time to create some ID tags that will help your child’s belongings to stand out and be easily identified among mountains of PE bags and backpacks. These easy-to-make ID tags are great for kids of all ages, with parents able to help them as needed.
Use old trading cards that your kids have lying around. These can be sports, favourite characters, or gaming cards from long lost games. Whatever gets them excited about it.
– Collectible trading cards
– Contact paper (clear, glue-backed plastic sheets)
– Glue stick
– Empty cereal box
– Hole Puncher
– Crayons, markers, or coloured pencils
– Stickers (optional)
– Ribbon, cord, or string
– Scissors

  1. Place your trading card on a piece of scrap cardboard and draw an outline for cutting.
  2. Cut out your outlined cardboard shape.
  3. For older children, let them write their contact information on the plain side of the cardboard. For younger children, you write the information and allow them to decorate. Decorate with stickers if desired.
  4. Using just a bit of glue, attach the cardboard to the back of the trading card. Allow to dry.
  5. Punch a hole in the top of your piece.
  6. Cut two pieces of the contact paper slightly larger than the trading card, about 1 cm is a good amount.
  7. Pull apart the paper and adhere to one side. Then flip and adhere to the other. Around the sides and in the hole, the paper will stick to itself.
  8. Trim the excess contact paper from the edges, leaving about half a centimetre of the contact paper to create a seal.
  9. Cut an x shape through the hole with sharp scissors.
  10. Attach your ribbon, cord, or string through the hole.
  11. Attach to your child’s backpack, sports bag, lunchbox, or anywhere!

You can make lots of these all at once, and put them on everything so that your child will know exactly what’s theirs. Besides being useful,it’s a great project for kids of all ages!

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