Ebook Feature – Soccer Games to Play at Home

Ginger Sport’s Soccer Games to Play at Home ebook offers families 20, easy, fun, and fantastic games to play with children when they aren’t at practice. Current recommendations tell us that children should be physically active for a minimum of three hours per day. That can be a tall order for small children who breeze through activities at a lightning pace. These activities are wonderful for kids aged 2-10, but they’re really fun for everyone. These games use just a few materials, which can generally be found right around the home. Families play these games together, making them about more than just physical prowess, but also about bonding and making memories. And these games are great for older siblings, grandparents, and babysitters to play with your child as well. Kids can play them when they’re with their playmates as well, and the activities are a great way to incorporate physical activities into get togethers. All of the games prepare kids for scoring goals by enhancing soccer skills, but they also build problem solving and are just plain fun. They’re sure to become family favourites! Here’s a sample game from our free ebook. You’ll be able to share 20 great games just like this one with your child.

Ball into Cave


• 2-3 plastic buckets (more if you have any). • 1 ball per child


Lay all of the buckets on the side and hide them around the yard.

  1. Then the children must dribble the soccer ball around looking for the buckets (caves).
  2. When they find a bucket they must stop the ball, line it up, and kick it into the bucket.
  3. As the children get better at aiming, make them take a step back to try it from further back.

• Dribbling • Awareness • Accuracy • Using different parts of the foot • Speed
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