Soccer Tales

Here are three quick soccer tales to make you chuckle!

Ultimate Fan

Norman Windram is one of the most loyal fans of any soccer club in history. He attended every home match for Manchester United from 1926 to 2002, his first being at the tender age of four. His attendance at over 1,800 matches in a row make him a truly ultimate fan.

Not funny

In 2002 the Chile under-20 squad didn’t think it was funny when the country’s FA punished the players for laughing. It seems as though someone on the field told a joke which caused the entire team to fall about with laughter, with their coach struggling to keep control. It was hilarious! What wasn’t so funny was the hefty fine that was levelled against the team for the incident. Here’s hoping the joke was worth it!

Foggy Bottom Blues

Arsenal and Dynamo Moscow played a friendly match against each other in 1945 at White Hart Lane. Fog as thick as pea soup quickly rolled in, and the referee insisted that the match continue despite the fog and the desperate requests from players to end the game.
As play progressed the match eventually turned into a complete and utter farce, with the rules ignored and neither team able to make headway because of the lack of visibility. Fans of the match said that Moscow at one point had 15 players on the field! They had continued to make substitutions without removing players from the pitch.
Play began to get sneaky on both sides, with Arsenal reportedly having a player who had been withdrawn from the game sneak back onto the field and continue to play. Everyone ended up taking advantage of the poor conditions!
However the most impressive and unusual event of the game came when the Arsenal goalkeeper dove for a ball, but hit the post instead because the fog was so bad that he couldn’t even see it. He knocked himself out cold. After a few minutes he was revived but was unable to continue, and a spectator ended up taking his position.

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