Five Tips: Healthy School Holidays

It seems like everyone is making New Year’s resolutions. But realistically changing your family’s eating habits is a real challenge for most of us.
So how do you combat unhealthy eating during the holidays without putting a damper on the holiday spirit? Here are five tips to help your children eat healthily over the holidays, without killing the fun.
● Health First – As you go out and about, look for healthier options like vegetables and
fruits, and have your children eat at least one serving of those BEFORE digging into
treats. This is especially true if you’re going to a birthday party or a movie where treats
will be available.
● Take a break – Bodies take time to process the fact that you’ve eaten and that your
stomach is full. So have your children wait just 10 minutes before getting seconds, then
if they still want another helping that’s ok!
● Just say no – Teach your children that it’s not rude to refuse food. Politeness is no reason
for overeating. If you aren’t hungry, then don’t eat!
● Small portions – Portion control is just the name of the game. Teach your children to eat
their favourite foods, but in reasonable quantities. Today’s kids seem to be offered a lot of
treats, but those treats just need to be in measured proportions. This is a great time for
kids to start learning to make good choices.
● Offer healthy options – You can’t control what kids are offered outside the home, but
inside your home be sure to offer the healthiest versions of your favourite foods.
For instance you can replace butter and oil in your baking with pumpkin or
apple sauce. Keep the favourites, but make them as wholesome as possible!

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