Try it! Socstacle Course

With the beautiful weather it’s a great time to do some fun outdoor activities to burn off all of the energy that your child is wrapped up in from the holidays.
Making your own soccer obstacle course – a “socstacle course” – helps your kids to hone their skills over the break while allowing families to have fun and bond over this incredible sport.
Create a series of obstacles that kids have to dribble the ball around, include some places to practise passing, and end with a goal. You can use stuff that’s already right around your home, and if you have a stopwatch handy then you can time each player to compare times! You can even create prizes for winners. Make it as complex as you like.
Here are some fun suggestions for “socstacle” obstacles.
● Garden hose – create a curvy course with your garden hose, and kids are tasked with dribbling along the shape.
● Trees or bushes – kids dribble around the tree or bush.
● Passing – station someone to pass the ball back and forth with the individual who is running the course. Set a certain number of times for this task.
● Jumpit – place a long stick, a broom, or a mop on the ground. Kids dribble to the object, jump over it, then dribble again on to the next obstacle. A great one to have in multiple places on the course.
● Head Game – Kids have to bounce the ball with their head, bouncing a set number of times.
● Goal – this can be as simple as a delineation made with a length of rope or yarn. All the better if you have a goal at home!
● Relay – if you have a lot of folks around, try creating a relay race for team building fun.

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