10 Things to Love About Soccer

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1. Determination – Working through a season of soccer is no small task. It’s hard work! But with encouragement and support from you, soccer can teach kids that hard work and determination pay off.
2. Mastery – Self-esteem comes from knowing that you can do something on your own. Soccer gives kids the opportunity to master a skill.
3. Health – Of course soccer is a very physical game, and that physicality means that kids learn how important it is to stay fit and have fun!
4. Belonging – Especially when kids get towards their middle school years, making friends and feeling like you belong is a big deal. Team sports give children a sense of identity and belonging.
5. Memories – Those times spent on the field make lasting memories for kids.
6. A Career – Soccer opens up so many doors to potential careers in everything from sports medicine to physical education. And studies show that people who played team sports as children are better workers, no matter what field they decide to go into.
7. Less Time for Mischief – A child who’s active in extracurricular activities has less time to do things that they’re not supposed to!
8. Independence – Soccer teaches kids that they can rely on other people besides just their parents. It can be hard for parents to let go of their children’s dependence on them, but it’s also incredibly important.
9. Common Goal – Games like soccer offer children the opportunity to have a common goal to work towards. They learn to lean on their peers and to think of something that’s good for everyone, not just for themselves.
10. Happy Kids – Team sports are shown in study after study to foster happiness in children. When children participate in group activities they gather a sense of belonging and camaraderie.

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