Six Vegetables to try with Your Kids

Vegetables are an incredibly important part of a healthy diet, and yet somehow we seem to constantly struggle to get our kids onboard with eating these essential foods. They fuel growth and development, and help kids to grow up strong and athletic. One reason might be that we get stuck in a rut, eating the same few vegetables again and again. Variety is an important part of a healthy balanced diet.
Here are six vegetables to try with your kids. You’re bound to find at least one here that you can add to your child’s routine!
1. Spinach – This food gets a terrible wrap for being yucky, but it’s actually really delicious and something that kids will gravitate towards once they try it. Fresh spinach is generally more palatable than frozen, and it’s wonderful sauteed in a bit of soy sauce and garlic.
2. Cauliflower – This veggie has a wonderful texture and a mild flavour. Try it roasted and sprinkled with hot sauce, or dip it in ketchup for an easy alternative to potatoes. It’s also wonderful mashed with gravy!
3. Cabbage – Coleslaw easily becomes a family favourite, especially in the summer. Go for purple cabbage for the most nutrition in each bite. Also try it mixed in with salad greens for some added crunch.
4. Sprouts – You might be surprised to find out how much kids love sprouts, especially if you grow them yourself in a jar. There are lots of places online to show you how. It’s simple and fun! Try them piled high on burgers or sprinkled on soups. You can sprout all kinds of beans and legumes.
5. Mushrooms – Sometimes kids can be turned off by the texture of mushrooms, but these little guys are chock full of important vitamins and minerals. Chop them up really finely if you’d like to sneak them into chili and meatloaf.
6. Brussel Sprouts – These are of course the classic hated food. They’re also delicious, like tiny savoury cabbages. Use fresh for the best flavour, trim them and slice, then saute in olive oil, and sprinkle with lemon juice and soy sauce. You might be delighted to find that you and your kids love them!

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