Gardening With Kids

265a53d973bfa77f551b923cdd4620cdWho doesn’t love to dig in the dirt? There’s something absolutely magical about getting your hands into the soil and then watching plants grow from seeds into food. Gardening is also a great way to get everyone outside and into the sunshine, encouraging more active participation in healthy physical activity. And of course it spurs us onto healthier eating habits. If you’re short on space, try planting herbs in containers on a verandah or even in a window box. You’ll find lots of options for pre-made kits and easy to use kid-sized tools out there! Cities are quite often home to community gardens, which are a wonderful option for families who don’t have access to larger plots of land for gardening.
The key to gardening with kids is to let them do it themselves. Just as in soccer we don’t kick the ball for the child, in gardening we don’t just have the children sit and watch from the sidelines. You’ll want to guide your children and to closely monitor what they’re doing, especially in the beginning and more so for younger children.
Here are just a few things that kids can do in the garden:
● Choose plants
● Plant seeds
● Weed out unwanted intruders
● Water plants
● Add fertiliser
● Monitor for pests
● Trim away dead leaves
● Harvest the crop
The more that you let your children participate in the gardening, the more invested in the project your children will be. Get them their own gardening equipment like gloves. You can also have your kids keep a plant journal in which to draw pictures and make notes about the progress of your garden. Spring is a great time of year to begin gardening with your kids. Gardening offers not only health benefits, but it also presents a wonderful opportunity for families to bond together through a common goal and a shared experience. Happy gardening!

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