Table Top Soccer

Table top soccerThis is an absolutely fun and exciting way to spend some time indoors on a rainy day. Or a sunny day!


● One large piece of paper or card stock, or a piece of white poster board.
● A small cardboard box, cut in half
● A pompom or piece of paper that’s crumpled to be the ball
● A straw for each player
● A large dark marker or crayon


1. On the cardboard draw a line across the centre to represent mid field.
2. Draw a semicircle on either end to serve as the goal space.
3. Place one half of your halved cardboard box on each of the goals.
4. Put your ball – be it a pom pom or a crumpled ball of paper – in the centre of the field.
5. Players begin blowing through their straw as soon as you say “go” with the goal of getting the ball into the box on the opposing side!
6. The one who has the most points at the end of the time wins! Younger children play for two halves at two minutes each, while older children keep going for four minutes per half.

Ginger Sport Fun Soccer

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Ginger Sport Activities

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