Hilarious Football Stories

Joking – that’s against the rules!
In 2002 the Chile Under 20 team was actually punished for laughing! The Football Association fined the players after the entire team broke out in tremendous laughter during a game. The coach said that the tried to get his team back on track, but that the joke was so funny that he couldn’t! But the joke is on us now, because the team has never divulged what they were laughing about.
Man down!
Imagine, you’re a trainer in the 1930 World Cup Semifinal between Argentina and the United States. Your team needs you because the referee is making a bad call and you’ve got to get out there fast to defend your team and get to that final! You run out onto the field and a throw down your medicine bag in your passion, but your bottle of chloroform bursts and the fumes knock you out cold! Man down! You awake to find that your team has lost to Argentina and that you’re soaked from the pouring rain that’s drenched both you and your sad team.
An Unexpected Neighbour
When a thief thought that he’d struck gold during the World Cup in Munich, he instead found that he had an unexpected neighbor. Eva Standmann’s purse was stolen while she was walking around Munich prior to the Brazil-Australia game. Her purse had some cash and something even more interesting in it – a ticket to the semifinal game! Who wouldn’t want to go check out a World Cup Semifinal? The thief was more than a little surprised to find that the woman’s husband Berdt had the seat next to his, and that he was none too happy to find that his wife wasn’t the one occupying it. The Munich police were contacted quickly while stadium security held the purse snatcher, who was held to task for his crimes.

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