Tips for Raising an Imaginative Child

Imagination is about so much more than stories. A strong imagination will help your child to find creative solutions to problems in the classroom, in relationships, and in the workplace. But how can you help your child build their imagination? Here are some real life tips that you can start implementing today.
● Be Open – When your child wants to do something out of the ordinary (like wear a pirate costume to the park), let them. There are societal norms, and those are important, but you also can’t expect your child to think outside of the box if you only allow them to act inside it. Allow your child to push boundaries, and you’ll be richly rewarded.
Encourage Imaginative Play – Offer your child toys and activities that aren’t scripted. This means blocks, action figures, and dolls that incorporate design elements and creativity-driven tools like puppets and dress-up clothes. This also means allowing them to play with sport, giving them time to just play with the ball without being concerned about the rules or the score.
Have Craft Supplies Available – What’s worse than feeling inspired but not having a way to let it out? Make sure that you have the basics around for your child to explore with. Think paint, markers, glue, crayons, and paper. Ensure that your child knows that these are available, and that they’re free to allow their imagination to flow whenever they have free time.
Turn off the Tech – And turn up the music. Screen time fills the gaps for your children, while audio allows them to fill those gaps with imagination.
Allow Free Time – This means time without schedules, responsibilities, or boundaries. Boredom is good. Give your children the opportunity to decide what to do with time, keeping in mind the first four tips. Imagination really shines when there aren’t expectations.

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