Shoelaces and Stinky Shoes


One of the most BORING parts of the soccer uniform are the shoes. They’re just shoes! But you don’t have to leave your shoes just as they are. You can add your own bit of spice and excitement, helping your child to express themselves in front of their peers. Here are a few ideas to get you thinking about how to make your child’s shoes memorable:
● Decorate shoelaces with paint
● Add sturdy character pins
● Tie dye your socks
● Tie shoelaces in funky ways
● Use a glow-in-the-dark paint to help them show up
● Just paint them (great for older shoes that are well worn)

Stinky Shoes

Do your child’s shoes stink to high heaven? Playing a lot of soccer, especially out in the hot sunshine, causes feet to sweat, and that causes bacteria to grow and feet to stink. Yes, bacteria is growing in shoes that smell bad. You certainly don’t want to have your child continuing to put their feet into shoes that are full of bacteria! So what can you do about it? Well, there’s a super simple answer. Make these anti-stink bombs, and place them in your child’s shoes each night for shoes that smell so much better!

What you’ll need

● Paper coffee filters
● Box of bicarbonate of soda
● Ribbon or string
● Few drops of essential oil (optional)
This project is SO simple. Just flatten out your paper coffee filter, and place a few tablespoons of bicarb on top. Now gather up the sides and tie shut with your ribbon or string. If you really want to get fancy, then place a few drops of essential oil onto your creation. Now plop these into shoes on a regular basis, and keep in a cool, dark place between wearings, and marvel at how amazing your child’s feet smell!

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