Easy, Awesome Bleach T-Shirts

Want to make a unique t-shirt for your child to wear at soccer without spending a lot of money? Here’s a fantastic, easy to make t-shirt idea that you can finish in just a few minutes using common materials.

You’ll need:

● coloured t-shirt
● freezer paper
● scissors
● pencil
● iron & ironing board
● empty spray bottle
● small bottle of chlorine bleach
● water
● scrap cardboard
Start off by drawing your design on freezer paper using a pencil on the matte side. Remember that your design will be in reverse, that you’ll be cutting it out, and that it will be darker in colour than the rest of the shirt. Look for easy designs like a number or group of shapes. These shirts are so easy to make that you’ll find yourself making more! Your designs should be easy at first, and then get more intricate as you get more comfortable. Cut out your design using sharp scissors, then iron it shiny side down onto the shirt. Insert a stiff piece of cardboard into the shirt to keep the bleach from bleeding through. Now fill your spray bottle half full of water and half full of bleach. Spray the shirt with the bleach, lightly misting it, and watch as the colour just bleeds away! Be careful not to soak the shirt or the freezer paper, as this will cause bleeding. You can always spray again when it dries if you’re not satisfied. Keep in mind that it will bleach more the longer that you allow it to sit. Pull off the freezer paper when the bleaching looks right to you, then rinse the shirt and wash (without other clothes – you don’t want it to bleed onto them!). What’s great about these shirts is that they have a worn and homemade look about them. Your kids will want customised shirts for everything!

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