How to Keep Kids Active Over the Summer Break

The beauty of the summer break is that kids have the freedom to be themselves, letting go of all of the structure and rules that they are inundated with during the school and childcare year. Unfortunately, that lack of structure can sometimes drift off into kids being overly sedentary during this time off. Staying active during the summer months is key to keeping kids fit and healthy, so here are some ways to encourage your kids to get active!

Send Them Out

It might sound old fashioned, but if you live in a place that offers a safe space outdoors in the yard, then just send your children outside for a couple of hours. Kids are hardwired to run and jump and to get moving. You’ll find that once they get over the notion of being bored to death, they’ll almost always get up and start playing physically. It might be tag or hide and seek, riding a bike or exploring. The key is that they’re up and on their feet!

Offer Low-Structured Activities

Street soccer is a perfect, low-structure activity for kids during the summer time. Innovation and thinking on your feet are great qualities that can only be achieved through giving young minds the space that they need to figure it out on their own. The unstructured play of street soccer offers kids exactly what they need. Street soccer can be played anywhere that there’s flat ground – it doesn’t have to be the street! All you need is a ball and something to mark the goal (anything from a rope to a leftover sweatshirt). Kids can be creative with teams, with strategies, and even with positions on the field.

Play Together

This is really the most important one on the list. Your kids are going to model your behaviour. If they see you outside going for a run every day, then they’re going to want to do it. Follow your own passions, and get outside to enjoy them together. Street soccer again offers a great way for parents and kids to play together, creating family memories but also adding wonderful emotions to the mix, encouraging kids to love exercise!
Kids love summer break, a time to get outside and get active, while recharging those brains before classes get going.

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