Why Soccer is Such a Great Sport for Little Kids to Start out With

Many parents want to start their kids in activities as early as possible, and with good reason – early exposure to activities means that kids learn to enjoy them early and to be less afraid of them later. Not to mention it’s really just plain fun! And we all want our kids to have fun.
Soccer is the perfect choice for little kids to start out with in sport for so many reasons!

  • Semi-structured
    For little kids, it’s important that activities offer a level of structure that’s appropriate. It’s been often said that working with a group of small children is like herding cats, and this is actually really true and also really healthy! Young children are exploring their boundaries and learning about how they fit into this world that they’ve been plopped into. Soccer skills for early kickers are designed to allow them to explore, while teaching them boundaries and introducing them to structured activity without being rigid.
  • Gross motor development
    Gross motor skills–like jumping and kicking–start on their own, but young kids are like sponges that can soak up the skills that they’re taught. Your child is capable of discovering abilities that will both astound you and that will delight them! Soccer is the perfect outlet for developing these skills.
  • Social
    Young children can learn to develop strong social skills from an early age. Soccer offers kids the chance to have some great interaction with other children and with trusted adults right from the start. It also facilitates independent play in the presence of other kids, meaning that your child isn’t artificially forced into long social situations.
  • Easy & natural
    Soccer just comes naturally! When you put a ball in front of a young child’s feet, they naturally kick it. This is one of the best parts of teaching soccer to young children, because it comes so naturally that sometimes it seems like magic!
  • Fun!
    Children need lots of fun in their lives – it’s part of what makes childhood so fantastic. Soccer offers kids the space to have fun outdoors and with other children. We love to hear those giggles and hoorahs during soccer time!

Kicking the ball around the pitch is the perfect way to start your young child out on an activity. After a few short weeks, little kids are not only enjoying themselves tremendously but they’re also learning amazing skills that will stick with them!

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