Make a Simple First-Aid Kit for the Soccer Field

MAYARTICLE-IMAGE2Though soccer is an incredibly safe sport, having a first-aid kit on hand is always a great idea. There are occasional minor injuries on the field that need to be treated, and often kids can return to play almost immediately.
Common scrapes and bumps that happen on the field can be upsetting for kids, even if they aren’t anything that will have a long lasting impact. Having a well stocked soccer first-aid kit on hand is an important part of being prepared on the field.

What to include in the kit

To contain your kit, look for a small zippered bag or pouch, or even a hearty plastic freezer bag. It doesn’t have to be fancy! Clear bags are actually great because they let you see what you need in that moment when something happens, and as long as the bag keeps the water out it will do well!  Try drawing a soccer ball on your kit with a permanent marker, or adding some soccer stickers to make it more fun.
A soccer first-aid kit should include these basics:

  • Hand sanitiser – to clean your own hands.
  • Small and medium bandages – for scrapes and bumps.
  • Sterile gauze – for larger cuts and scrapes.
  • Sterile tape – to hold on the bandages.
  • Antiseptic ointment – to prevent infection, try a spray to make it easier.
  • Bottle of sterile saline – these work well to rinse grass and dirt out of injuries.
  • Alcohol pads – to clean wounds.
  • Disposable, non-latex gloves – to prevent the spread of diseases.
  • Paramedic scissors – to cut bandages or clothes away.
  • Blister care – look for bandages specially made for blisters or creams to soothe them.
  • Instant ice packs – since soccer fields are rarely near a freezer, these will let you get ice on sprains or strains quickly.
  • Athletic tape – for injuries.
  • ACE bandage – to stabilise joint injuries.
  • Finger splints – these can be as simple as popsicle sticks, used with the gauze and tape.
  • CPR instructions and a ventilation mask.
  • Plastic bag to dispose of trash.

Soccer First-Aid Kits go Everywhere

While coaches tend to be very prepared, and will have a kit of their own for the team to use, it’s great practice for older kids to learn to have their own small kit in their bag. For younger kids, parents can stock things in their family soccer first-aid kit that they know are specific to their family. And of course having a soccer kit for when kids practise at home without the coach around!
A simple soccer first-aid kit is an essential part of playing the game.

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