Winter on the Field

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Soccer is one of the top sports in Australia during the winter time. That’s great news, because of course we love to see soccer gaining ground in any form, but navigating soccer in winter is definitely different than it is during the summer. Here are some great tips to help you take on winter on the field and to take advantage of one of the most popular times of year to play the beautiful game.

Dress in layers

Cooler temperatures mean that soccer players will want to keep their legs and arms warm. A light jacket and track pants are great for practising soccer when the temperature starts to drop. However, one thing that’s really important is to dress in layers, so that as the body temperature goes up, soccer players don’t get overheated. Be sure that kids have shorts and a short-sleeved shirt on under their heavier clothes, so that they can peel them off when needed.

Stay hydrated

Summer heat isn’t the only thing that causes the body to lose water. Sweating happens during all kinds of physical activity. Soccer players need to keep drinking during the winter time to stay healthy and keep going.

Don’t forget the sunscreen

Playing outside means that the sun is a factor, even on cloudy, winter days. Sunscreen should be applied to hands and face if the rest of the body is covered with warm winter clothing.

Check soccer balls

Cooler temps mean that air actually shrinks! Check soccer balls to make sure that they’re adequately inflated as temps cool, then add some more air if need be.

Warm up well

Cold weather means muscles start even colder than they do in the summer heat. That’s all the more reason for soccer players to warm up well before they practise or play a game.

Prepare for rain

Winter means more rainy and wet conditions. It’s not a bad idea to throw a poncho in the soccer bag, along with an extra set of dry clothes, in preparation for the potentially soggy weather of the winter season, just in case you get caught in a downpour. Also be sure to stay in touch with your child’s team in case of cancelled practices!

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