7 Essential Items for any Soccer Family’s Car Boot

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7 Essential Items for any Soccer Family’s Car Boot

Being prepared is half the battle when it comes to life, and that’s something that’s absolutely true when it comes to soccer. Since soccer families can often be in the car, the place to make that prep happen is right there in the boot of the car.
But what to put in there? It can be a serious challenge to figure out what you should be piling into your boot, what’s actually useful, and what’s just not. Here are seven ideas that will keep you prepared.

Folding chairs or bleacher seats

Though there are often bleachers by the side of the soccer field, folding chairs are a must as they allow you to be much more comfortable and also to have somewhere to sit if the bleacher space is all taken. If there’s not room for folding chairs where your child plays, consider grabbing some fold down bleacher seats like these ones from Chillazy. They’re also great for the grass! A little comfort goes a long way.


This is an absolute essential. Buy a case, and just keep it in the bottom of the boot (where it’s more likely to stay cool), and leave it there. You might also consider a case of sports drinks if that’s something your little athlete needs.

Picnic blanket with a waterproof side

You can find these very affordably at bigger stores or online. One side is fleecy and nice to the touch, the other side is slick and waterproof. These are just the ticket for days when the grass is wet and you want to sit down, or when it’s raining so that you can put it fleece side down on your legs to keep them dry while your umbrella keeps your upper half from getting soaked. They’re also great for throwing over the seat of the car after a wet practice or game, slick side down and fleece side up, to protect your seats from your wet soccer players.


Similar in usage to the picnic blanket, a large towel or two can have so many uses! From drying off bleachers to toweling off after a rainstorm, these really are just essential for the soccer family.

A large umbrella

Umbrellas aren’t just for the rain – they’re essential for those sunshiny days too!

Clothes for the weather

The weather here in Australia can be a bit unpredictable. Throw a long-sleeved shirt and a change of clothes in the boot and you’ll be so happy that you did. It’s hard to practise smart or play well during a game if you’re freezing, and often it’s much chillier when you get to the field than you imagined; or that summer rainstorm catches you off guard and you need to get out of those wet clothes.  Don’t forget to throw something in for you and your other kids too!

Spare ball and pump

Nothing saves the day like a spare soccer ball or pump in the event that someone is missing one or one needs a bit of a puff up.
By having these seven essentials with you, right there in the boot of your vehicle, you’ll be far better prepared and much more equipped to get the most out of your soccer experience.

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