Four Ways We Build Team Chemistry

Four Ways We Build Team Chemistry

kids sitting on the ground with a soccer ball in the air
Great chemistry is a thing that can help soccer teams to become much more successful on the field, as well as helping them to feel much better off the field about their performance and about their relationships with others.
We want kids to have an incredibly positive experience with one another, and that means fostering wonderful team chemistry. Here’s how we do it.

Emphasizing TEAM goals and TEAM successes.

Rather than each individual coming up with what they want to get out of the game, teams get together to set group goals that they want to accomplish. It’s of course important to recognise the successes that individuals have on the team, but what we really want to see is that they work together. For example, players assisting each other and passing the ball. Soccer is all about the team, and the player who passes the ball is just as important as the player who scores the goal. That player who scored was only able to make that happen with the support of everyone else!

Outside Activities

We love to see teams getting together off the field. It’s a great way to build that amazing chemistry that will keep them going on the field! Whether it’s a team meal together, or going for a hike, hitting the pool, catching a movie, or even volunteering as a group, activities that teams do together off the field go a LONG way to building chemistry on the field.

No Bullying

Any kind of bullying behavior is just not tolerated. There’s simply no way for team members to feel safe if they feel bullied, and there’s no way for there to be good team chemistry if they don’t feel safe. Coaches and parents must always nip this in the bud before it can really get going. If two players are struggling to get along, that struggle can easily bleed out into others and create a whole team dynamic of discord. Players must always be helpful and supportive.

Foster a Positive Attitude

Teams who have great chemistry are enthusiastic about one another. They boost one another with clapping and cheering during games and during practice. Spread it around so that everyone can feel what it’s like to be supported!
Coaches and parents can do so much to help grow team chemistry. Sometimes it comes naturally, and sometimes it needs more scaffolding, but it’s always worthwhile to work at it and build that chemistry so that teams can feel great about one another and so that they can have that great soccer experience that we all want them to have.
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