Can Soccer Be a Profession?

Can Soccer Be a Profession?

It’s common to hear kids say that they want to be a professional soccer player when they grow up. It’s just as common to hear adults say that it’s an unrealistic goal.
But is it unrealistic? How can parents encourage a love of soccer while still helping their children to find a realistic path to a profession?
Here’s a hint: Playing soccer isn’t the only way to have soccer be your profession.

Professional Soccer Potential

Compared to some of the other dreams out there, professional soccer is far more reachable than many of the other dreams that our kids might hold up. By the numbers, your child has a better chance of becoming a professional footballer than of becoming Prime Minister, an astronaut, a brain surgeon, or winning the lottery.
That’s not to say that the odds aren’t long, but it does put things into perspective.
Don’t forget that playing professionally isn’t the only way to make a living in the soccer world. Your child could work:

  • as a coach (at Ginger Sport perhaps?)
  • in soccer-equipment design
  • in sports medicine
  • in the financial department of a professional soccer organisation

Who knows – your child could one day help organise the Olympics, or found a charity organisation that helps kids be better through this great game.
Professional soccer potential doesn’t have to mean just playing. Your child’s passion for soccer can manifest as a lifelong profession in any number of ways. That can be true even if they don’t show star potential on the field. A child who is a great leader could make a fantastic career as a coach. A child who loves to talk could be a marvellous commentator.
One of the biggest mistakes that adults make is to put artificial limits on what children can achieve. The key to living a happy life isn’t in having the perfect job – it’s in having the perfect job for you.

“The key to living a happy life isn’t in having the perfect job – it’s in having the perfect job for you.”

If your child is passionate about the game, encourage them to explore all kinds of ways to engage in it. After all, soccer is more than just kicking a ball into a goal.

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