4 Family Soccer Movies Everyone Can Enjoy

Soccer is a sport that everyone can enjoy, and sometimes the best way for a family to enjoy it together is to curl up with a family movie. There are tonnes of soccer movies, but which ones are the most family friendly and the most fun? Here are some ideas that will hopefully get your family ready to enjoy movie time together with a soccer twist.

The Game of Their Lives (2005)

This film tells the true story of the first World Cup after World War II in 1950, and it’s a fantastic film for the whole family. It’s one of the best soccer films of all time, with real life drama that’s great for kids and adults.

Image credit: IMDB

Gracie (2007)

Another one based on true events, this film tells the story of a girl who played soccer with the guys. Taking place in the 1970’s, Gracie is all about a great soccer player who is just looking for somewhere to play her sport. Soccer families can really enjoy this one together!

Image credit: IMDB

Escape to Victory (1981)

An oldie but a heartwarming story that’s well worth the time to watch. This film is loosely based on the true story of Allied prisoners during World War II who the Nazis tried to get to play a soccer game in order to support their propaganda efforts. Rated PG for some mild themes, it’s a fantastic film that shows off the power of soccer.

Image credit: IMDB

The Big Green (1995)

A group of misfit kids are coached into greatness with the help of a new soccer coach in this funny and fun PG movie for kids. The jokes are hilarious, and there’s a great emphasis on learning and growing through soccer even with all of the silliness. This movie is just tonnes of fun for the whole family.

Image credit: Disney
The best part about these movies is that the whole family can enjoy them together. What’s your favourite soccer movie?

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