Facts And Answers About Soccer Boots

Soccer boots are an essential piece of equipment for soccer players, but they’re one that most players know very little about. Here are some facts about soccer boots that are sometimes informative, sometimes useful, but always interesting.

  • First use

Boots were first used all the way back in the 16th century by King Henry VIII. That’s a LONG time ago! They had metal studs hammered through thick leather to help them stick into the ground. It’s a pretty fascinating bit of history! Modern boots were invented in the 1920s

  • Not required

Of course, not all soccer games require boots. In fact, they aren’t technically required at all. That’s because they’re really meant for natural grass, and games are often played on artificial turf where turf shoes are much more reasonable to wear. Kids often don’t even wear boots, using sneakers or athletic shoes instead.

  • Types of boots

There isn’t just one kind of cleat – there are tonnes of them! Some have removable studs that can come out and go back in as needed. Some are made for hard-ground surfaces, and others are made for soft grass. It’s really just up to whoever is using them.

  • World record

The longest chain of soccer boots is a world record that was set in 2009 with 11,904 boots tied together. After the US Soccer Foundation set that crazy record, they donated all of the boots to underprivileged children.

  • Fit matters

Kid’s feet are always growing, but it’s still critical that they have soccer boots that fit well without pinching because they’re too small or moving around because they’re too big. Always check the fit of boots before purchasing, and always be sure to wear game-day socks when doing so.

  • Boots can be stylish

Many soccer players use their boots as a fashion statement to express their own personal style. This is a great idea if it’s allowed by your soccer team! Go for some fun shoelaces at the very least, and again always make sure that the fit is just right.
Soccer boots are an important part of soccer gear, because they help players to stay up and keep from falling on the grass. They’re more than just shoes!
Photo credit: Loimere via Foter.com / CC BY

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