Some Of Our Payment Terms Are Changing

When is the change?

From 23 May 2017, some of our payment terms are changing.

What is the change?

Your payment for some of our services will need to be made within 7 days of receiving our invoice (it used to be 14 days). The services below are affected.

What services are affected?

  • Weekly Program
  • Childcare Program
  • Match Day
  • Custom Kick
  • Soccer Camp

No changes to other payment terms

The payment terms for all other services remain unchanged and continue to require immediate payment (i.e. Music Show, Inflatable Soccer Worlds, Soccer Bounce, Birthday Party).

Terms & Conditions

Our Terms and Conditions are available on our website and will be updated to reflect these changes to our payment terms.

Ginger Sport Fun Soccer

Your little one will love playing soccer at childcare, and working parents love it!

We will make this a fun sport for them and an activity that they look forward to coming to each and every week!

Ginger Sport Activities

All the fun, just for one. Just your soccer star and our coach at your place.

Make memories with a party your little one & their friends will love.

Have you ever wanted a Ginger Sport session held at a time and place Just To Suit Your Group?