Soccer Camp Is Free In July!


Do you want your kids to get up and move, move, move these holidays? Then you need our action-packed Soccer Camp. We’ll keep your soccer stars busy for three full hours with our high-energy fun and games, while you get stuff done.


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School-holiday Soccer Camps are extremely popular, and numbers are strictly limited, so register NOW to secure your place.

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[pfai pfaic=”fa fa-calendar fa-lg ” pfaicolr=”” ] Dates:

Monday 3 July

Tuesday 4 July

Wednesday 5 July

Thursday 6 July

Friday 7 July


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[pfai pfaic=”fa fa-clock-o fa-lg ” pfaicolr=”” ] Time:



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[pfai pfaic=”fa fa-child fa-lg ” pfaicolr=”” ] Age Groups:

5-6 year olds

7-8 year olds

9-10 year olds


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[pfai pfaic=”fa fa-map-marker fa-lg ” pfaicolr=”” ] Location:

Mount Gravatt Showgrounds
1644 Logan Road
Mount Gravatt


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[pfai pfaic=”fa fa-money fa-lg ” pfaicolr=”” ] Cost:

Our school-holiday Soccer Camp is FREE. Yes FREE!


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[pfai pfaic=”fa fa-sun-o fa-lg ” pfaicolr=”” ] What to bring & wear:

Bring a bottle of water and a half-time snack. Wear a hat and comfy clothes and shoes you can run around and kick in. Apply sunscreen before you come. If it’s cold on the day, pack a jumper and tracksuit bottoms.


Ginger Sport Fun Soccer

Your little one will love playing soccer at childcare, and working parents love it!

We will make this a fun sport for them and an activity that they look forward to coming to each and every week!

Ginger Sport Activities

All the fun, just for one. Just your soccer star and our coach at your place.

Make memories with a party your little one & their friends will love.

Have you ever wanted a Ginger Sport session held at a time and place Just To Suit Your Group?