Soccer Chapter Books for Kids Aged 8-10

Academics are an important part of life, which is why we think it’s great that there are so many quality children’s books for independent readers out there. These 10 books are perfect for readers who are already reading on their own and are aged 8-10.
1. The Wild Soccer Bunch
This is actually a series of chapter books about a group of kids who come together to create a soccer team that they can all feel proud of. Focused on a group of second graders who are passionate about the great game, the Wild Soccer Bunch is a perfect book for young readers who are looking for something that’s on their level which is also fun and engaging. With 13 books in the series, young readers can go on and on reading these great books!

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2. Diary of a Soccer Star
Sometimes you’re great at one thing and not so great at something else. Matt knows everything there is to know about maths, but he struggles with physical coordination. This funny and fun book is the story of Matt learning how to play soccer and learning some valuable life lessons along the way.

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3. Soccer Longshot
A graphic novel (comic-book novel), Soccer Longshot is a wonderful story from Sports Illustrated about Matt, the captain of the local soccer team. He quickly learns that he doesn’t know as much as he things he does when he tries to show up the local street-ball team. Sports Illustrated has a whole series of graphic novels about soccer. Don’t be tempted to discount these books just because they have pictures – you’ll find graphic novels on the shelves of many libraries as a way to pull in kids.

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4. Billie B. Brown: The Soccer Star
The story of a girl who wants to play soccer with the boys at school, Billie B. Brown is so much fun and easy to read. Look for the whole series which tells various tales of this spunky little girl from author Sally Rippin.

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5. Soccer Hero
For kids who are comfortable reading on their own, check out this fun chapter book by author Matt Christopher (who writes lots of great sports chapter books for elementary students). Kids learn how to do their best while also being part of a team. Fair warning, this books is a little more advanced than others on the list.

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Chapter books help kids to spread their wings and feel confident as readers. That’s especially true if they’re subjects that kids are interested in. Older children will enjoy these books on their own, especially if they have a passion for soccer.

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