Soccer Books for Young Children

Reading together is one of the best things that parents can do for their children. That’s why we love these soccer books for young children (aged 2 to 7). Filled with illustrations that kids can learn to love, these books are easy to read and a marvellous way to introduce kids to soccer or to help them learn new skills that they didn’t know before.  
1. Hope for Haiti
This is not only a great read, it has a great message about the power of soccer. Hope for Haiti chronicles how children use soccer to cope with the tragedy of the Haiti earthquake. It’s all about how soccer brings people joy, and it’s fun to read alone or with a group.

Image credit: Barnes & Noble
2. Winners Never Quit
Learning how to lose is one of the most important, but also the hardest, lessons for young children to learn. Soccer is a great way for kids to start learning how not to win, giving them skills that will carry them in soccer and in life. The illustrations are fun and accessible. Look for a section at the end that brings kids a glimpse of soccer star Mia Hamm, who wrote the book.

Image credit: Booktopia
3. Goal!
Another incredibly inspirational book for young kids, Goal! tells the story of a group of kids in a shantytown in South Africa who have to hide their soccer balls from a group of older kid bullies. This book shows how important the game is to these kids while also giving some real ways to deal with the problem of bullies. There are several books by this name about soccer – this one is by Mina Javaherbin.

Image credit: Amazon
4 pharmacieinde.comFor the Love of Soccer!
This beautifully illustrated book introduces the story of soccer star Pele – written by the man himself! It’s easy to understand and wonderfully engaging for young soccer players who are just learning the ropes of the game.

Image credit: Amazon
5. Soccer Hour
Filled with rhyming words that tell the story of a child who is looking for someone to play with, the best part about this book is that it is completely engaging for young children. The illustrations are photographs, which makes it all the more exciting. Inside, you’ll find pictures of kicking, dribbling, and heading as well as so much more, but it’s not an instructional book so much as a story and poem.

Image credit: Booktopia
Read a book with your child today, and help them discover the magic of soccer as well as the magic of reading!

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