Four Strategies to Deal with Childcare Separation Anxiety

It can be both exciting and a bit scary for children to start a new chapter with minimal supervision from their Mum. Introducing your child to a new world by sending them to a childcare centre is a milestone for both of you. It can be a bit challenging for you to see your child step out from their comfort zone, but it can also be very rewarding to see them conquer their fears. If you are dealing with childcare separation anxiety, here are some effective strategies to consider:
Give the child a tour at the centre
Before sending the child to the centre, it would be better for you to introduce them to this new world. Start off by going for a tour. Introduce the carers, and show them the playing area, the toilets, and the other parts of the centre. Familiarity will help your child gain more confidence. This way, it will be easier for you to leave them on the first day.
Plan and stick to a healthy morning routine
The first week of care is the most crucial point. This is a time of adjustment both for the mum and the child. This is why you need to start planning for a healthy morning routine beforehand to avoid stress that leads to a stressful tantrum. Prepare everything that the child needs the evening before. Wake up earlier than usual to avoid rushing.
Talk about it with excitement and positivity
Your reaction about the care will affect the perception of your child. Before you even send them to school or start with day care, you should talk about your plan. This way, you will make the child feel that they are involved. Conversations are important, because it builds a healthy bond between parent and child. Talk about childcare positively and be excited about it.
Be reassuring
It is normal for your child to feel scared during the first day. Give them a smile, hold their hand firmly, and send a positive message. Let the child know that it will be alright. Avoid sending them negative energy by showing sadness or any negative emotion. Always remember that you are your child’s strength.
Separation anxiety is normal, but you can always do something about it. Apply the tips provided above, and be there with your child in achieving another milestone.

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