Ask for Feedback

It’s not always easy to get feedback on how your child is doing at soccer when they’re at childcare or weekly sessions.

Email us for feedback

If you want feedback on your soccer star’s progress all you have to do is ask. We’ll get your child’s coach to let us know what’s happening, and we’ll pass that info onto you.

Just e-mail your request for feedback to us at Don’t forget to tell us your child’s name and the location where they play!

Your coach will comment on…

Our coach will complete a detailed feedback form and will comment on:

  • your child’s level of enthusiasm
  • how they get along with other children
  • their general behaviour
  • how their skills are developing

Ginger Sport Fun Soccer

Your little one will love playing soccer at childcare, and working parents love it!

We will make this a fun sport for them and an activity that they look forward to coming to each and every week!

Ginger Sport Activities

All the fun, just for one. Just your soccer star and our coach at your place.

Make memories with a party your little one & their friends will love.

Have you ever wanted a Ginger Sport session held at a time and place Just To Suit Your Group?