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Announcing that Easter is finally over can be very frustrating to your kids. With all those eggs and treats on the table for the last few days, it will not be easy to suddenly change the course of your family’s diet. It can be stressful for them. It would look like you are killing the fun. Making your kids shift to a healthier diet after this festive celebration is really a challenge for every Mum. To help you, here are some tricks that will surely work:
Make some fruit pops
Changing from chocolates to fruits and veggies is not as easy as it looks. This is why you should use a little trick on this. Blend some healthy fruits, let it set in the freezer, and serve as fruit pops. This way, the kids will still have that festive and fun feeling while eating something healthy.
Make the veggies and the meal look more attractive
If you really want to change their diet, you also need to go the extra mile. What about using those vegetables to make an attractive image such as car, a face of a cartoon character, or just make it colourful and interesting. After all, you are fresh from the creativity of Easter celebration.
Choose healthy snacks such as nuts
Instead of giving them chocolates for snacks, you can choose nuts (providing no-one has any allergies). This healthy food for the brain is a great transitional food after Easter. Consider having different types of nuts on a plate and let your kids enjoy it during snack time.
Let the kids join you in cooking
The next great step that can have a great impact not only after Easter, but for the rest of your kid’s future, is to let them join you in cooking. During this time, introduce healthy food for your kids. Make this moment a time for them to learn the benefits they can get from eating veggies, fruits, and other whole foods.
If you observe that the festive spirit of Easter is slowly fading, you can now start explaining to the children that the eggs are just for Easter. It is a time for them to enjoy all the treats, but it doesn’t mean that they should stay there and forget about the other healthy food on the table. Be patient, and your kids will surely understand in the coming years that Easter should not change their usual healthy diet.

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