Five-Minute Mindfulness Strategies for Stressed-Out Mums

Becoming a mother is both a privilege and a responsibility. While you get to enjoy the love of your children, you are also given the responsibility to provide all their needs. For most parents, parenting means dividing your time for work, household chores, and being there for your kids. This is not easy, especially if you have a busy job. This is why you need to have some five-minute mindfulness activities. Here are some that can help relieve stress:
Take a coffee break
It doesn’t matter if you enjoy coffee more than tea. You always need to give yourself a few minutes to enjoy your cup. Sit in your favourite chair, and just let the taste and smell of coffee help you relax. Working the whole day can make you feel used up at the end of the day. Upon arriving home, you can always consider five minutes of peace with your coffee. Do not let the responsibilities that you have steal the time you owe to yourself.
Stop and breathe some air
Whenever you feel like you cannot take it anymore because of the physical and emotional fatigue you are feeling from being busy the whole day, just stop and start meditating. You should stop whatever you are doing, let your mind relax; close your eyes, sit in a comfortable position, inhale, and exhale. Do this every day, and you will definitely regain the strength you need for the next hours of work.
Hugs and kisses
If there is one wonderful thing you get from parenting, it would be the unlimited love your children can give you. If you are feeling tired, stop and give your children five minutes of your attention. Just give them a warm hug and that same thing will be given back for free. There is nothing more comforting than the hugs and kisses you get from your children. Do not deprive yourself of the benefit of a comforting hug.
Give yourself some time alone
There are moments when you can’t help yourself but snap all because you are stressed and tired. In times when you think the presence of anyone will just add to the negativity, lock yourself in your room for five minutes and just enjoy your time alone. Drinking a glass of cool water can also help you to calm down.
Being a mother has its challenges. But it is surely manageable and very rewarding. Whenever you find yourself tired and weary, consider a five-minute mindfulness strategy.

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