Five Fun Ways Dads Can Spend Quality Time With Their Kids

Dads usually have little time with the kids because of the responsibility of providing for the family. No matter how busy you are, your responsibility in rearing the children should not be affected. To help you think of the best way to spend quality time with your kids, here are some suggestions:

Backyard Camping

If you think you do not have much time to go to the zoo or to go out of town for camping, you can consider your backyard to be the new venue. Just set up the tent, get some wood for a bonfire, and prepare the barbeque and marshmallows. Camping is all about new experiences, be there and be a part of their memory of their first ever backyard camp out.

Movie Night

Most of the time, dads arrive home tired and sleepy because they have been working the whole day. But this should not become a reason for you not to bond with your kids. Choose a new movie and schedule a movie night for the whole family. Make sure to arrive home on time for you not to miss it.

Saturday Sports Day

Introducing your children to sports is something that will not only help build their confidence, but will also help them become physically fit. Let your child choose a game or sport he or she really likes. You can choose Saturday mornings for this routine. Let them run and laugh under the sun, be there to cheer for them.

Exercise Together

If your goal is to stay fit and to spend time with your kids despite your busy schedule, you can consider daily exercises. Wake up 30 minutes before your usual waking time. Ask your children to do so. You can jog or bike outside. Whatever exercise you have chosen, make it a habit, and always do it with your children.

Schedule a Regular Date

The challenge to most families now is to find the perfect time for dates. Start a tradition for you and the kids. Choose a specific date for regular dates. If you think you are free during Sundays, you can go to your favourite restaurant. Spend some time to talk to your kids.
And don’t forget to take time to ask your kids about what happened in school and other stuff that will help you understand them better.

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