3 Reasons Every Child Should Start With Soccer

There are actually tonnes of reasons for young kids to start with soccer.

Here are our top 3!

Reason #1  – Every kid can kick

Soccer is a great sport to start out with for little kids, and kids can start with Ginger Sport from 18 months’.
It’s great for developing gross motor skills like kicking.
Whilst catching a ball can be hard for littlies, nearly every kid can kick!

Reason #2 – Team sports for a happy life

Soccer is a great introduction to team sports.
When we get a great start with a team sport, we make that positive association for life.
Girls and boys can play together, and it’s great for learning social skills like taking turns and sharing.

Reason #3 – More sleep

“I wish my child would sleep less”, said NO PARENT EVER!
Do any of us need a better excuse than more sleep to get the little ones off to soccer?
An energetic run around at our weekly, fun soccer is bound to tucker them out.
Exercise gives kids (and grown ups) a better and more restful sleep.
And that means a happier mini-me and more rest for mum!

Need more reasons?

Of course there are loads more reasons to come and play with us every week.
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