Play the game your Heroes play

Play The Game Your Heroes Play

What do Figo, Gerrard, Messi, Neymar and Ronaldinho all have in common? 

They all play Teqball!!! 

Teqball is the new, exciting hybrid between Football, Volleyball and Table Tennis that is taking the football world by storm. Hone your Teqball Tekkers by practicing your first touch solo or take on your mates at the club for bragging rights – with Teqball the world is curved! 

With a Teqball World Cup and tournaments across Europe you could be at the face of this brand new sport as it continues to grow! Under the rules of Teqball you are allowed three touches to control the ball and send it back over the table to your opponent, so if you can juggle the ball three times you will excel at Teqball as well. 

With no physical contact between players or the table allowed, Teqball is the high impact training session you crave with a low risk of injury and maximum fun! 

As the official Brisbane reseller, Ginger Sport is your home for Teqball! So join the growing family and become a Teqer today! 

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Your little one will love playing soccer at childcare, and working parents love it!

We will make this a fun sport for them and an activity that they look forward to coming to each and every week!

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