When Ben Hutchinson founded Ginger Sport in October 2009, he started with nothing but a love of fun and football, fresh off the plane from the UK.
“I remember standing at my first session in Brisbane’s leafy Chelmer in an orange t-shirt with a bag of footballs and nobody showed up.” laughs Ben.
Fast forward to early 2020, and fresh off the heels of their milestone 10th birthday in October 2019, Ginger Sport was showing no signs of stopping anytime soon.
That is, until COVID-19 put the brakes on the entire operation in March.
Looking back over the past six months of 2020, Ben reflects on the positives of holding firm to his vision, one that he never sways from.
“There were times during the COVID crisis, that I honestly didn’t know if we would be able to get up off our knees and play again.”
“But the one thing I’ve always held firm is my vision to inspire kids to a lifelong love of sport.”
“What moved us forward was our unwavering commitment to that vision, to our why, even when the how had been literally taken away from us and we could see no way forward in the thick of the pandemic.”
After lockdown restrictions were eased, Ginger Sport got back in the game in July, having come full circle starting once again with nothing.
“I know this sounds counter intuitive, but in hindsight, COVID-19 is the best thing that ever happened to Ginger Sport.’ says Ben.
“When we didn’t have a means of making soccer fun for kids, I realised my passion for the Ginger Sport brand was as strong as ever.”
“Using our vision as our North Star, we’ve built everything from the ground up, and I feel like we’re back stronger and more committed than ever.”
When left with nothing, Ben’s commitment to the vision of Ginger Sport shows us that no matter what business you’re in, when everything is stripped away, your vision has to hold firm.
“I’ve always believed Ginger Sport was a team effort, and never more so than when I witnessed everyone pull together when it looked like everything was crumbling around us.”
“I’ve never felt prouder of the team we have behind us from our unflappable admin and coaching team, our advisory board, contractors, former colleagues, and friends.“
Know your why, and everything else falls into place, even when there seems like there’s no way forward.
Here’s to the sweetest birthday of all. Happy 11th birthday Ginger Sport!
Long may you inspire Queensland’s kids!

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