Do you want to advertise your business?

If you’re like us, you know you need to advertise to reach your customers. You believe in your business, and you know you have a great product, but people need to know about it. We offer a unique advertising opportunity for advertisers who are a good fit with our business.

Targeting customers

Reaching customers is hard enough, but reaching the right customers is even harder. We offer a highly concentrated niche market of families who have young children, in South East Queensland.


Word of mouth is great, but you could be missing out on thousands of customers because they don’t know about you. You need to partner with a high-profile business with reach. So, if your customers fit the profile, then you are in the right place.

Advertising channels

You can advertise with Ginger Sport through our newsletters and social-media channels. Through these channels, you will expose your business to a large customer base of parents and families. Most importantly, when you partner with us, you will be in an enviable position over your competitors. This is because you will show families in your niche what they want and how to get it.

Customer reach

By virtue of our size and reputation, we offer significant reach across our large customer base. Ginger Sport has a high-traffic website, regular Facebook presence, and we advertise prominently throughout the community. Our sales and advertising strategy has proven very effective for our own business, and we believe it can be for yours too!

Take advantage of our reputation

Advertising with us is an opportunity to ride on the back of our success, and when you’re seen with the right people, you enhance your own reputation by association.

Got great ideas?

If you have an idea or suggestion on how you would like to advertise with us, we would love to hear it. Maybe website advertising or placing  your brand on our drink bottles, flyers, or outdoor banners is what you’re after? Tell us your ideas. We would love to hear them!

Get in touch

If you want to start the conversation with us, and get on your way to reaching more of the right customers, then send us an email at: