Our Vision

We inspire kids to a lifelong love of sport.

Choose Our Values

At Ginger Sport, we live and work by our values, and our values are integral to achieving our mission and vision.

When you choose an activity for your child, the choice can be overwhelming. There is so much to consider – timing, location, sports versus arts, not to mention value for money. And sometimes, you just know that a company is the right fit for you and your family’s values.

So whilst Ginger Sport can offer you a huge variety of times and locations to suit–at a price that won’t break the bank–our commitment to our values, and our passion for what we do, is what motivates families to choose us over other similar activities.


If you are enthusiastic about what you do you are halfway to accomplishing your goals. Wake up every day with a passion for what you are doing. Don’t live with regret about not trying those things that make you want to get up in the morning. Enthusiasm is contagious and at Ginger Sport we love what we do.


Having integrity means acting truthfully and honestly in all areas of your life. This means not only being truthful in your dealings with others, but also being honest with yourself. Acting with integrity means you do the right thing for the right reasons, not with any expectations of how it will benefit you.


Gratitude is a habit of great people. Always remember there is something to be grateful for, no matter how small. Remind yourself regularly of what you are grateful for in your life. Even those lessons that seem hard at the time, present an opportunity for you to learn and grow. Focus on what you have to be grateful for now, and what you have to be grateful for will continue to grow.


You don’t have to solve the problems of the world, but if each of us directed more compassion and kindness to everyone we met it would surely have a big impact.

Before you are quick to judge someone’s deeds or actions, consider why they may have acted the way they did. Walk a mile in their shoes. A kind word, or a simple smile may be all that is needed. Pay it forward at work–and in your life–and your kind deeds will come back to you tenfold.


Communication–and its complexities–is what separates us as humans from other species. Communication at work, and in life, is not simply about saying or writing something. It is about getting your message across effectively and understanding the messages being put across to you. To learn to communicate well, you must understand the people you are communicating with and realise that the way you view the world is not necessarily the way they have experienced it. How you communicate with one person, may not work for another. Always keep the lines of communication open, and be open, honest, and accountable in your dealings with others.


Details are what create the big picture. If you have a goal, and you get the details right, the big picture takes care of itself. Understanding which details are important in achieving your goal, and not getting bogged down in irrelevant minutiae, is a balancing act that comes with experience. It takes persistence and patience to focus on the details on the way to your chosen endpoint, but it is a skill definitely worth acquiring. The architect is nothing without the builder.


Showing initiative at work, and in life, can sometimes take great courage. People are discouraged from taking the initiative to solve problems or to make things better out of fear – fear that their idea might be rejected, fear of stepping on someone else’s toes, fear of looking foolish, fear of stepping outside their comfort zone. At Ginger Sport we value employees who are innovative, engaged, and who take the initiative to suggest solutions to problems they have identified, or to implement improvements to processes that can be made better. People who ask questions such as, “why do we do it this way?” are on the right track. If we never question how we can improve, we won’t.


To be dynamic is to be in a state of constant change and progress. If we don’t embrace change, we would never move forward or have the opportunity to make progress. Change is not something to be afraid of. It is a natural and harmonious part of life and work. It is part of our learning, improvement, and growth. If things didn’t change, think of all of the opportunities and experiences you may never have had. Our so called failures and problems are an incredible chance for us to learn and find opportunities in the middle of difficulties. You’ve heard the saying, “when one door closes, another door opens” – well embrace those changes, and be thankful for the opportunity to open new doors. You never know what you’ll find when opportunity knocks.


Our attitude describes how we feel about something. Your attitude is like a filter.

It influences what you do, how you act, your opinions, your reactions and responses, and how you perceive the world around you. Attitude comes with a number of familiar adjectives – good, bad, positive, negative, healthy, unhealthy. The best thing about attitude is that you can choose it. You decide what your attitude will be and thus, how you will experience life. The now famous water-molecule research of the late Japanese researcher and author, Dr Masaru Emoto, proved that the way you think directly impacts on your health and wellbeing. There really is no better habit to have than that of a positive attitude.


Professionalism is the image you reflect back to the world about how you view your work and ultimately yourself. Whilst on a surface level, people may think professionalism is pride in your appearance, your clothes, you car, and other material trappings, professionalism is more than that. It is about a pride in doing your job well no matter what your job is, treating people respectfully, and in representing yourself to the world and projecting the values that underpin who you are as a person.

Choose Motivation

These ten words encapsulate what motivates us. Do the things we value resonate with you?

Choose Enthusiasm

Our enthusiasm for what we do makes it easy for us to accomplish our goals. Consequently, we wake up every day with a passion for making soccer fun for boys and girls, and it’s what gets us up in the morning. Most importantly, enthusiasm is contagious, and at Ginger Sport we love what we do.

Choose Gratitude

In addition to our enthusiasm, we are grateful. We always try to remember there is something to be grateful for, no matter how small. we remind ourselves regularly of what we are grateful for in our business. Even those lessons that seemed hard at the time, present an opportunity for us to learn and grow. When we focus on what we have to be grateful for now, we know that what we have to be grateful for will continue to grow. We are grateful for the wonderful children and families who play soccer with us every week, thus instilling a love of sport into the next generation.

Choose Commitment

If you choose Ginger Sport for your child, we promise that YOU will:

love it
not regret it
come back for more
want to tell your friends about it

If you choose Ginger Sport for your child, we promise that WE will:

make your child feel welcome and included
create a fun and friendly atmosphere
listen to your feedback
treat your child as we would our own