Chess Mates Soccer Camp


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Children should bring a packed lunch, some snacks, and water.

There will be a one-hour break for lunch.

Children will need to wear appropriate footwear and comfortable clothing they can run around in.

This is a fully supervised and facilitated camp run jointly between Chess Mates and Ginger Sport. Our coaches and teachers are experienced in working with the 5-12 year age groups.

We want kids to try their hand at everything. Kids who may not have tried a team sport like soccer or played a game of strategy like chess may be surprised at the similar thinking involved in planning a move or making a play.

Chess Mates and Ginger Sport are excited to host this soccer & chess camp which is the first of its kind!

We send you an email right away to confirm your booking. Actually the interweb fairies do that (let’s be honest). We’ll  also send you an email closer to the camp just to remind you it’s coming up.

We completely understand, because we’re mums and dads too! If your child needs help with a shoelace, a hand finding the toilet, or even getting the slippery lid off their yoghurt at lunchtime, the Ginger Sport coaches & Chess Mates teachers are kind, patient, supportive, and caring people (plus they’re also lots of fun)!

Soccer Darts is a big inflatable activity that looks like a dart board. Kids kick and aim at the dart board, and they stick on the board like velcro. It’s great for kids to have fun and build condidence while they hit the target.

Snookball is another inflatable, which is like a giant game of soccer and pool. Kids kick the balls into snooker holes with fun colourful balls.

Big chess is a huge chess board with giant chess pieces.

After we welcome everybody, we split the children into groups and rotate them around chess and soccer activities. We have tournaments and matches as well. We keep it fun and dynamic so everybody gets a turn doing everything, and nobody gets bored. The beauty of combining Soccer and Chess is the kids get to combine periods of physical activity with bouts of mental exertion (and physical rest).

Our camp is fully supervised by trained soccer coaches & chess teachers who all experienced working with children of this age. The idea of a camp is for parents to drop their kids off for the day. You’re welcome to stay while the children settle in and to come early for pick up to watch. You know your child best and what they will be comfortable with, but think of it like a school day where you drop them off and pick them up.