Bring Ginger Sport soccer to your centre’s little ones!

Ginger Sport offers unique, weekly soccer sessions to children who attend childcare. We believe that just because many parents have to work, little ones should not have to miss out on fun activities like those available through Ginger Sport.

Ginger Sport soccer is about enjoying healthy physical activity from a young age, learning about teamwork, working on motor skills, learning to listen, building self-esteem, and above all having fun.

All Ginger Sport staff hold valid blue cards and attend regular training and professional development sessions. We are fully insured and have a comprehensive risk-management policy.

We are absolutely committed to making our sessions the best they can be for your centre. Our goal is to communicate with you clearly and openly, and to provide a high-quality service second to none. If you have any feedback about the Ginger Sport experience at your centre, we welcome your input to help us improve in any way possible.

At Ginger Sport we are passionate about ensuring that playing soccer with us every week is something the children look forward to. We do everything in our power to create a weekly routine that is safe, nurturing, and familiar.

Sometimes, however, there are unavoidable changes to things like coaches and schedules that even we cannot control. As an organisation, we do everything in our power to maintain the weekly routine for the children. So when things change that are beyond our control, we want you to know that we are acutely aware of the impact this may have on the children, and that we know that some children cope better with transitions–like coach or schedule changes–than others.

We are sensitive to these kinds of changes, and we do our level best to ensure stability of the weekly routine for all of the children that play soccer with Ginger Sport. It is the little things that count to little people, and we want you to know that we always have the little ones’ best interests at heart.

Please note, when the Ginger Sport coach is facilitating the session, the children remain in the care of the centre staff at all times. All childcare centres have a duty of care (i.e. a moral and legal obligation) to provide a staff member to supervise every session.

* Please note prices are per week per child.


Once families register their little one, an account is automatically set up for them. Their first invoice of $44 will then be sent to cover the first four sessions (i.e. $11 a session). Invoices are sent via email. Where a family does not have an email address, we will send via post.

Every four weeks, families will receive a new invoice to cover their next four sessions.

If a session is missed by a child, the parent should call or email the Ginger Sport office, and we will adjust their next invoice so they are not charged for missed sessions. At the end of each calendar year, and at the end of the child’s participation in childcare soccer, we conduct a reconciliation of the family’s account. We match the number of sessions they have paid for with the number of sessions the child has attended. If they have still paid for more sessions than the child attended, then they will be given an account credit. They can use this credit towards a number of our services. We do not offer refunds for missed sessions.

Prices shown are for Weekly Program. Other programs may differ in price.


Did you know that other centres are using some of their QKFS funding to purchase additional learning experiences? Ginger Sport childcare soccer is one such activity you can fund this way. We’ll be writing to centres soon with more info. (Applicable to long daycare services providing a Queensland Government Approved Kindergarten Program who are eligible for QKFS funding.) fantastisk läsning

Call us or email us now – 07 3890 3338 or

Payment Method
  • Cash is NOT ACCEPTED.

Electronic Bank Transfer

BSB: 034 037
Account Number: 295 418
Reference: Invoice number

Branch Bank Deposit

BSB: 034 037
Account Number: 294 394
Reference: Invoice number

Please call us to pay by credit card

07 3890 3338

Please make payments payable to ‘Ginger Sport Pty Ltd’

What We Teach & How We Teach It

When your child plays with Ginger Sport, they not only learn soccer skills, but so much more. Learning a sport plays a key part in your child’s physical wellbeing, and not only that, but their emotional wellbeing! We take pride in teaching your little soccer star important skills that they can carry on throughout their fun-filled lives. Want to know what your child is learning? See what we teach:


  • Dribbling

  •  Passing

  • Shooting

  •  Running with the ball

  •  Ball skills

  •  Turning

  •  Physical fitness

  •  Gross motor skills


  •   Team work & co-operation  -Working together to achieve a goal

  •  Sharing & taking turns – It’s more fun for everyone when everyone gets a turn.

  •  Communication – Listening and using your words to understand, act, & achieve.

  •  Problem solving & planning  – Thinking about ways to get things done, step-by-step.

  •  Creating positive associations with sport  – Having fun playing sport for lifelong health.

  •  Self-improvement & persistence – Practising & trying hard to always do your personal best.

  •  Participating & making friends – Having a go and sharing a common interest together.



When you’re having fun doing something, you don’t even realise you’re learning. We use every opportunity to sneak the fun into learning!


Our PD for coaches is multi-modal. Whether its formal, in-house learning, or hands-on in the field, learning is an ongoing process, and it’s no different for our coaches.


We understand that little kids look up to their coaches. We model enthusiasm, professionalism, and a love of fitness and fun, because we know that little eyes are always watching.


We use our words, and we choose them wisely for our little learners. We keep it simple and targeted, to give kids the best chance at success.


Kids learn best when they’re enjoying themselves. We get it. So we make it fun!


If it’s relevant to them, kids will engage. We talk in their language. So if it’s Frozen, Spider-Man, or crazy antics that gets them interested, we’re there!