This Sun-Safety Policy has been developed in accordance with the Queensland Cancer Council’s official school guidelines.


Queensland has the highest rate of skin cancer in the world. Skin cancers account for 80 percent of all new cancers diagnosed in Australia each year. This makes skin cancer by far the most common type of cancer diagnosed in Australia each year

Our commitment to our customers

Ginger Sport’s Sun-Safety Policy aims to demonstrate our concern for the health of those in our care. We provide and promote a SunSmart environment by:

(i) creating a supportive environment for physical activity; &

(ii) providing relevant education and information.

We do this in the following ways. We:

Remind participants to be SunSmart at Ginger Sport sessions.

* Recommend SunSmart attire at sessions, parties, and events.

* Encourage adequate hydration for participants during sessions.

* Enforce a no-hat, no-play rule.

* Seek shaded areas for sessions that are held in peak ultraviolet-radiation (UVR) periods.

* Make sunscreen available to participants.

* Include sun-safety information on our website and in relevant policies.

* Conduct our activities in a way that promotes and models sun safety to participants.


Ginger Sport will monitor and review this policy by consulting available resources and information, including from the Cancer Council Queensland.