What We Offer

Fun soccer at Ginger Sport

Children want to have fun, and parents want their kids to be physically active—the good news is that we offer both! Our soccer programs offer the perfect mix of fun, physical activity, and soccer instruction that will meet everyone’s needs.

Your kids won’t even realize they are getting fit while they have loads of fun in their soccer session. Whether your child is a seasoned soccer pro, or just starting out, we have a program that can fit them perfectly. We encourage a positive, nurturing, and safe environment which makes their first experiences of sport positive and empowering.

Soccer is a great sport for kids to start out with, as it teaches coordination and teamwork in a relaxed and calm environment. We have experienced coaches who have worked with all age groups and skill levels. We understand that every child learns differently, and we respond to that with a flexible program that caters to the needs of your child.

Childcare Fun Soccer

Come every week, play a match, have a party, hire an inflatable – the choices are enormous!

Weekly Fun Soccer

We will make this a fun sport for them and an activity that they look forward to coming to each and every week!

1-2-1 Fun Soccer

1-2-1 specialist coaching for your child with one of our specialist coaches will leave them feeling like a superstar.

Birthday Party

Who doesn’t love a birthday? But holding a hassle-free birthday party can be a whole different story!

Inflatables Hire

Perfect for social distancing our contact-less inflatable service is guaranteed to add some wow factor to your day and won’t blow the budget.

Book A Coach

Have you ever wanted a Ginger Sport session held at a time and place JUST TO SUIT YOU? Well now you can have it with Ginger Sport Book a Coach.

Play Teqball

Teqball is a ball sport that is played over a curved table combining elements of soccer and table tennis.

Play Hungerball

Fast-paced HUNGERBALL soccer, hockey, and other ball games can be played with battles of singles, doubles, and triples played in a specially-designed six-sided inflatable arena.

Council Fun Soccer

Enjoy a day out while your little soccer star learns new skills. These sessions are sure to bring a smile to your dial.

QUEST Football Academy

A football academy for kids 6-11 years, where kids feel inspired, supported and proud to belong